About SMS Bomber

Send massive amounts of text messages all day long to your friends using our wonderful prank tool- SMS Bomber. There are various other prank tools available which are displayed in our tools section.


We offer you the best platform to prank your friends by spamming their inboxes with SMSs without letting them know who send them. Loading their inboxes with an unlimited number of SMSs is now easy. It's your fun and their irritation. Trick them with a boundless number of SMSs in a single time. Our tool has both types of options with limited and unlimited bulking. Just type in the contact of your friend (the one to spam with), set the count value of the SMS to your limit, and One-click fun begin. We also offer you unlimited SMS prank service without any limit to spam your friends.

How to use SMS Bomber?

We have made this SMS Bombing tool easy and handy to use. No user in this universe shall be facing difficulty while using our tool. We made the tool on this moto. Hence, to use this SMS Bomber you need to follow these quick and easy steps.

  1. To begin with, specify the contact number you need to trick.
  2. Second, Enter the count or limit value of the SMSs you need to spam with.
  3. No need to retype any Captcha or do any other thing now.
  4. Click the Start button and you are all set to go.

That's all you need. Once you enter the correct 10 digit contact and set the limit to anywhere between 0 to 100, your companion is all set to get bothered.

What is the use of SMS Bomber?
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Today and since SMS was introduced to the world, it has been one of the prominent facilities that any individual used to communicate. This communication can be either formal or official for business purposes. Even today, our corporate world uses this SMS facility to incorporate with their customers with the SMS built standards.

However, SMS Bomber is that kind of tool that uses the features of SMS to prank someone by spamming the recipient's inbox with unwanted messages. We might send some OTPs to the desired recipient contact inbox from different sources or some randomly generated text to fill their inbox. The pure intentions of this tool are with the purpose of only entertainment and not mean to harm any individual.